My phobia is Google Earth

by Tabzzy

Hey, everyone! Well, my phobia is Google Earth. Lol. (looks so weird written down:) I don't get it! I hate the first picture, you know the little curve of earth with its blue glow against the deep black pit of the never-ending universe! And whats worse, the zooming in! Especially zooming in to foreign places like australia or the pacific ocean, I mean woah! I hate the sea! It's so bad I have to exit and I nearly wet myself. My heart goes crazy and I can't breathe! It's the same with other planets and horrible stuff like the sun! I get a lesser version of these affects when I look at maps. I'm not scared of heights or the sea when I go to the beach. I'm not scared of swimming, I love it! I feel like a freak and people look at me and go 'weirdo'. Does anyone have the same problem as me?
>> Tabzzy :)

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