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I cant believe this
by: Anonymous

Ever since i was younger I have had a HUGE fear of only my inner wrist. I am so scared that i NEVER where bracelets, hair ties or even rings. I think that if I wear them, that they will be too tight and that my cirruclation will be cut off and i will die or faint. When people grab my wrist to tight i freak out, or if i see someone writting in narker or pen on there inner wrist makes me literally freak out. In class today we had to make a bucket list and I said before I die i want to be able to conquer my fear of circulation on my wrist ad everyone just like thought it was funny and were confused. like just thinking about people cutting themeselves or looking down ant my veins makes me so nauesous. if say i was leaning against something or i was wearing something on my wrist and it was too tight and i saw the mark left behind from it i literally would flip out and start crying, like my heart would race at a thousand miles per hour. exspecially when i have to draw blood and they put the rubber band on your arm so that they can see the vein makes me FREAK out and cry hysterically. even getting my blood pressure taken makes me cry. ahh im glad im not alone, but i wish i could just get over my fear!

by: Nikita

Im 12 and ive had this phobia for a while i cant stand people touching my wrists or me touching my own wrists if they do then i heat up and start sweating and i feel sick for ages i cant see other people touch their wrists either. I thought i was the only one but im happy im not :)

I'm not alone!
by: Nicola

I think this whole thing started when my friend showed me this thing where you pinch the tendants on you inner wrists and it make your fingers move. When she tried it on me I sorta screamed :\ now my friends purposly grab thief wrists and yell 'veins' at me, just to freak me out :( im starting to really piss my self off about this whole thing :(

My wrists
by: Anonymous

I really hate it when people touch my wrist and i dont like watching other people touch their wrist either. all my friends call me weird, and I dont know why I dont like people touching my inner wrist. i looked at all the comments about people not liking their inner wrists being touched and i was like 'pheww i'm not crazy!' thank God i'm not the only one :) I want to get over my phobia, any ideas how?

by: Nicola

I'm sooo pleased that this is actually a real phobia and that other people have it. All my friends thinks its total funny because it's such a random thing to be afraid off. My mum even bought a wrist blood pressure monitor just to scare me haha

by: Anonymous

I have had this since I was 10, and it came all of sudden. I've never gotten over it, and i suggest you respect your girlfriend and don't even joke about it. :)

by: Rylie

Oh, thank god I'm not alone on this. When ever I'm touched on my inner wrist i would flail all over and start crying, also the site and thought makes me gag and feel like crying. I haven't had this phobia all my life it just started maybe 1 year ago. But now all my friends think it's funny to show me their wrist as I almost throw up.

But because of this I'm stuck here always wearing long selves, thinking every five minutes my wrist hurts, hiding, flailing, gaging and crying. D:

Thank you God!
by: Anonymous

Thank you god I'm not crazy! Since I was little people would chase me around and try 2 touch my wrist. I would freak out! My mother told me it was all in my head and I just wanted attention. My big brother would rub his wrists together in my face really fast to make me scream. My lifes been shit because of this:( but now atleast I know I'm not crazy....... Thank god!

by: Anonymous

I have a fear of ticks. Over all they fall into the category of acarophobia. i started to cry today and my mom told me crying about this phobia is silly. but i'm so scared. not always, but today i'm scared to the extent of not wanting to leave the house. i know this is a different phobia, i just wanted to write this. and to everybody who has a phobia of wrists, or any other fear, i really hope that you find a way to feel better. i've been searching tick repellants, but none of them seem to work. :(

i've been a freak
by: Zoe

my friends think i'm a freak! i'm only fourteen, but i cannot stant it if my inner wrist or inner elbow get touched. i cant stand to watch people touch their own either. i'm also afraid of heights, blood, and falling. i was starting to think i was a freak and no one else shared my fear. My best friend is a recovered emo, and i cant look at her arms r else i wanna hurl, and she write on her arms all the time and to see her skin bend as she writes on it it makes me sick to my stomach. even writing this, and thinking about it makes me feel sick. i only wish people wouldnt make fun of me for this, its not like i chose to be afraid, but i'm glad there are others out there.

Me too!
by: Elizabeth

Everyone always makes fun of me and starts saying "vein, vein, vein" over and over again and showing me all of their veins. This makes me cringe and want to throw up but no one else gets it and they just think I'm crazy! Them making fun of it makes me upset and freak out so I usually just don't tell people. I wish I could get over it! I have to get my blood drawn tomorrow and I'm terrified!

Venephobia or Carpophobia
by: Lex

Venephobia is the fear of veins, and Carpophobia is the fear of wrists. I am afraid of the veins on the underside of wrists. I have an extreme fear of people grabbing my wrists too tight or showing me the veins on their wrists. It makes me extremely nauseous, and i immediately close my eyes or look away. I've tryed wearing a rubber bracelet on my left wrists for about 6 months now and it has worked, to an extend. I don't mind having a hair tie on my wrists anymore, but i still panic when people grab my wrists tightly. The bracelet has been shrinking tho and now it is becoming a little unbareable to keep on.. I don't know if theis phobia is cureable, but i am trying my hardest to at least tone it down because i get made fun of all the time. When my sister is mad at me, she will purposely shove her wrist in my fast cuz i will immediately leave the room, and my boyfriend will grab my wrists when he's trying to irritate me. I'm glad there are others out there with this same phobia, cuz for years i truly thought i was the only one in the world.

im not crazy?!?
by: Anonymous

i thought i was the only one with this. just the slight touch on my wrist and i feel sick, and when other people scratch their wrists it makes me crazy

I thought it was just me!
by: Anonymous

I always thought this was just me as i dont know anyone with it.
i cant look at wrists or touch them, i cant watch anyone else touch theirs either!

by: Anonymous

im only 15 but for a while now i have had carpophobia, all my friends think im freaking out for no reason but i cant stand anyone touching my wrists, even when i write words like wrist or veins i feel faint. my friends have tried to help me get over it but everything to do with them makes me feel faint. i have no clue what provoked this phobia, ive never had any bad experiences with wrists but cant stand the thought of them.

= /
by: Anonymous

i thought i was just crazy at first but then i did more research and found out about carpophobia. but my mom says its inpossible to have 'such a stupid phobia'. if i have no support, how am i supposed to cure it??

by: Anonymous

Ahhhh same here, I dont like anything about veins, necks & especcially WRISTS. They freak me out & just the thought of cut wrists makes me puke.

by: Anonymous

I thought I was insane and the only person that had this problem!
but I think its because I cant stand veins
thinking about people touching me freaks me out.

Wrists and veins
by: Anonymous

Wrists is Carpophobia,
Blood is Haemophobia or Hemophobia (same thing)

me toO!
by: Anonymous

OMG me toooooo i have a massive phobia of the veins on my wrists and the inside of my elbow, also i hate it when people touch them and i cant look at them, i hate it when people touch my neck also, ewww

by: Anonymous

i know how you all feel.. i cant look at my wrists or anyone elses, same with necks, nobody can touch them or i get this gross feeling like im going to be sick.. im glad i found this i thought i was the only one

same here
by: Anonymous

its called carpophobia after the latin word

I don't like the veins in my wrist
by: Anonymous

veins in my body freak me out cuz there blue, and I'm afraid of bleeding to death from the bottom of my wrists, I wanna puke typing this. Your phobia may be related to hemophobia

me too!!
by: Anonymous

i feel the same way! They just creep me out. Everyone thinks im crazy for it. Im wondering the name too..

Fear Of Wrists
by: Jan


I don't know how the phobia fear of wrists is called. However I do know you don't have to know the
name of the phobia before you can cure your phobia.
You know your fear. That's enough to get rid of this

All the best,
Jan Heering

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