My List Of Phobias

by Annie

I'm almost 18 and I have a lot of phobias that control my life. I am afraid of dogs, pain, and doctors, and other things resulting from those phobias.

I am afraid of dogs (Cynophobia) because I got bit (very minor not even drawing blood) when I was a kid, and my mom took me to a shrink who worked with me, she got me a small gentle dog to try and help me cope. I still hate dogs, I run from dogs screaming and I don't like walking alone for fear a dog may be loose. Its embarrassing and my friends think its a joke and that its all funny.

I have Odynophobia the fear of pain, because I have no pain tolerance, and that may also contribute to a few other phobias as well as the fact I saw someone nearly die in my childhood.

Related to my Odynophobia may be my Odontophobia- fear of dentists, (haven't seen one in years even though I have a cavity I'm too afraid.)

Opiophobia- fear of doctors, I refused to see a doctor for like 6 years even though I knew I had a medical issue till something else caused me enough pain to go.

Hemophobia- fear of blood, I hate blood and needles and I saw my mom nearly bleed to death when she suffered from cervical cancer- when they did that puberty talk in school I was freaked out to find out I'd get a period once a month. I'm not so scared of my own blood as other peoples but I hate the idea of having blood tests, I refuse to let my doctor even though he needs to.

Trypanophobia- fear of injections quite alot like hemophobia, I make my dad sign the personal conviction waiver for vaccines required for school now that I'm old enough ur not gonna hold me down screaming. My one doctor wanted to put me on an injected form of a medication and I told her no way I was too scared. The only shot I like is when I have a bad migraine headache and I can't see them sticking it in me where they inject it.

I don't want kids cuz I'm afraid of the pain involved in childbirth and the needles, hospital, etc and these are only a few of my fears I have alot more, I was born very afraid of everything it takes over my life.

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