My life with the fear of Aeroacrophobia

by zoee

i know that some times people laugh at me because im so fearful. i for one am not imbarist about my fears. im afraid of open high places. i know it sound dumb but im apsalutly terified of all began when a few years ago when i went to funderdome i was about to go on the sky trail and all of a sudden a man came up to me and be worned me to be careful andto not look down. puzzeled i asked him "why, this equip ment is safe right? the man explaned he told me agirl had feel and died because the cabled snapped. i continued up the sky trail. and then thoughts began to emerge like what if he wasn't joking i said to myself. "i can't do it" i said aloud this time.ever since that day i have been an Aeroacrophobic

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