My Irrational fear is zombies..

by Tamika

I guess a lot of you may say im being stupid or crazy.. But many people out there, as i have recently discovered are also afraid of this. I am almost 15 and this affects me intensely. I have been afraid of them since i was young when i played a resident evil video game. My fear wasn't really bad until about the summer before grade seven. I was/am afraid to go outside at night by myself because i begin to think i hear groans, and footsteps and i truly believe that zombies are out there because i get to thinking.. That if zombies were real and someone became 'infected' no one would believe in zombies and therefore it would be easy for them to get infected which then spreads. So i am constantly thinking that it could happen at any moment. However, seeing pictures of zombie doesn't freak me out but if im alone and i see a picture of one, i begin thinking about zombies which freaks me out and want to hide, the picture itself doesnt scare me.I constantly find my self thinking about different scenarios where a bunch of zombies run at me in a populated place and how i would get away from them etc. i do not even like to be alone at home during the day. This upsets me and im very, very paranoid.. Please if anyone knows something that might help me, do share !! :((
a very upset teen

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