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I had that fear too
by: Anonymous

I use to be afraid of water too. I couldn't take a shower,swimming and stuff like that. But I could wash my hands and drink water. But the reason why I was afraid of it was because I would think it would get in my ears and stay there and I will never hear again. But that fear faded away after a couloir of years.

it's gunna be okay
by: E-GRRL98

it's totally normal to be afraid of swimming. I myself don't exactly have a fear of swimming, just drowning, but it's not a phobia, and i can still swim in mildly deep water ( as long as there's somebody to be there if i drown). What I'm trying to say is that if you really want to get rid of your fear, then just ask for help from a parent or somebody you trust, maybe even a doctor. You're gunna have to face your fear sometime, why not now while you still can and have time for it or before it gets worse? And always remember, you are NOT alone!

It's okay
by: Anonymous

We all have our fears.

I see that you really like the idea of swiming in water, so just take it slowly. Slowly, by slowly, advances your ways into water and get rid of your fear. Stay in the shallow area's, always have someone with you if that brings you comfort, and just take it step by step. At first it won't be easy, but it's all about the little steps :)

Hope I helped at all~ Do your best!

Me too
by: Cassie

I totally understand. I'm 15 and I can't stand to get water on my face. So just remember you aren't alone. Best wishes! :)

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