My Horrifying Fear of Plants

by Sarah
(New Hampshire, USA)

Most people laught and make fun of me about my stupid rare phobia, for good reason i guess. I have a fear of plants.

It all started hen I was about 12 and went on a week-end long swimming boot-camp trip to lake Winnipesaukeee. I was one ofthe days the we were made to do a 1/2 mile swim around part of the island we were staying on. The day was cloudy and cold and it had a slight breaze. I was doing fine(although i was frozen to the bone) when a swam in to a matt of Milfoil and sudenly found my self covered in it. It wraped around my arms and legs and i started to float deeper into the lake. I panic and stated flailing around causing me to sink under water. I nearly drowned. It wasn't untill another girl swam back ar grabbed me that i managed to continue swimming. However that is not the worst part. My swim couch was on the bank and instead of helping she yelled at was told me "Suck it up" and " Stop fooling around". when i finally could stand again i wanted to get out stop swimming, but she said "If you get out you are going straight home." so i ended up swimming another 1/4 mile in thick matts of Milfoil, unable to get out and unable to goback. I was sobbing and was yelled at for being weak.
And as if tht wasn't enough, aster i got out i had to run a 50m dash through some overgrown wood to the finish line.

By the time I got home i devoloped PTSD from the insident, cronic nightmares and flash backs, i was unable to walk on grass.

Now-er-days i have gotten better, although i am unable to trust couches of any kind.The PTSD is getting better but my Botanophobia (Phobia of Plants) has not faded.

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