My Fear of Wasps

by Jared
(United States)

As long as I can remember I was always afraid of wasps and bees and anything that could sting you. It wasn’t until I was Twelve or Thirteen years old when I realized that my fear of wasps went far further then a normal person. By then I no longer feared bees but only wasps, and hornets or yellowjackets. It really limits my life to be quite honest.

We live out in the country and wasps are far more common in are area then in a residential area. It is not out of the normal for a wasp to find its way into our house. When this happens I will go as far away as I possibly can from it. I cannot swat it with a swatter, I must have another do it for me. I will refuse to leave my window open in the summer. I cannot help out with alot of the chores that are needed around our yard such as cleaning the roof or feeding the pigs.

My most intense experience happened just last summer when I was fourteen. We came home from the grocery store and after carrying the groceries up I went into my room onto the laptop. After a couple of minutes a wasp stared crawling over the screen and I was so scared that I ran out of my room and across the house. I told my mother to make sure that it was dead and after she killed it I still refused to enter my room for almost an hour. Then I returned to my laptop. After a little while when I typed something on the keys I accidentally touched a wasp and immediately by reflexes, similar to the way your hand yanks away after touching a hot stove, I yanked my hand away and dashed out of the room. I did not enter my room for over a week.

Later that summer towards the end of August my mother told me to go check the meter on the propane tank. Checking the meter required me to open the lid where I knew wasps have built nests in the past. I made my way outside and stood in front of it staring at it or 30 minutes trying to figure out how I was going to do this. I finally went inside and grabbed a hockey stick and lifted the lid. It slipped and slammed down. I could then see all the hundreds of angry wasps storming out of the tank. I ran inside and didn't even get the hockey stick.

A couple of months later in late October was a repeat incident. Even though it was very cold I was no less cautious about performing the act. I grabbed the hockey stick which was still sitting out there since I refused to go near the tank. I opened the lid and this time it didn’t slip but it did slam down on the other end. As I very cautiously approached the top to read the meter I saw a bunch of wasps crawling around on the inside of the lid. I ran away and my mother had to check it herself.

The last propane incident happened in late December. At this point I knew that there couldn't be any wasps in the lid but since my phobia has been escalating I get so paranoid and worried that I see hallucinations and that is exactly what must have happened. This time I didn't use the hockey stick to open the lid but I was still very cautious. When I opened the lid I immediately ran about twenty feet away in case of wasps storming out. None came out but as I approached it I did see several In the lid moving. Later when my mother checked it she said that there wasn’t even a nest in the lid.

This phobia has taken over my life and I really hope to attend a phobia rehab clinic as soon as I find one in my area.

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