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Im the same way!
by: John Dacey

Even now as I type this, I am paranoid of a wasp flying in my window. I cant even go near the car because I saw one fly in the window! I am paranoid to the bone and need help! I actually set my laptop in a view that if a wasp comes in, I have time to run! My family is kind of going gun crazy because we have a house in NH. Even with a .45 colt next to me, I feel helpless! BTW, rent a gun and kill one then return the gun. Helps alot! It is 2:11 am.... Probably not going to sleep because there was one in here earlier and it is dead now, but I'm paranoid to the freakin' bone!

I know how you feel
by: Anonymous

I feel the same way. It started when I was younger, I now am 26 and I run at the site of bees. I wont leave my car windows open in the summer b/c I think a bee might fly in and i cant get in the car if it is in there. I really don't think there is any help. I don't know if there are a lot of people with this phobia, and i get made fun of it.

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