My fear of ties

by Dawson Boswell

When I was 10 I was told by my parents that I would be going to a wedding. Being a 10 year old I was really exited to dress up. I told my parents that so my dad said that he would teach me to tie a tie. I practiced with him for almost 30 minutes but still couldnt get it down. By this time my dad was extremely frustrated and was starting to yant the tie around my neck exagerating the movements so that maybe I would remember them better. While he was doing this I couldn't breathe. I eventually broke free and sarted to cry. This was the last thing my dad wanted and he finally lost it. He had given up teaching me and had started to choke me as hard as he could with the tie. After a minute or two of struggling I broke free and ran. Without even stopping to explain to my mom I ran out of my house and hid in the woods. I stayed in the woods for a few hours before I came out. I still did not go home and ran towards a big road where I could find someone to help me. After trying to flag someone down the first person to stop was a man in a suit. Because I still was not thinking straight as soon as I saw the tie I punched him when I knew it would hurt most and ran. I eventually found help when I was found by my uncle. My family begged me to go back to my mom and dad, but I could never bring myself to go near my dad, as he was always wearing a tie when I saw him. To this day I cannot stand to even look at a tie and I have to restrain myself from hurting them. Please help me get over this. I have had to leave my school and have been critisized at job interviews because I have not been wearing a tie. I have lived with this for 13 years and I need help getting over it now.

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