My fear of strangers

by Jamsine

I've always had this trouble with my fear of strangers...they need to know my family really well before I can talk to them but even that I'm still hesitant.

I had a history of many strangers even friends back fireing against me. I'm not that talkitive, spontainious little girl anymore.

I don't like strangers or crowded places (churches, grocery stores ect...) I start to panic when theres to many people in the room. I begin to get paraniod and look all around me. I can't even play lazer tag...its been too long that I've been afraid and I want to get rid of it but don't know how.

Its hard to get rid of it when I have no support. my family thinks I want attention (even though I was like this since I was 7 years old) So I keep my problem to my-self.

I want to learn how tob relx around normal people and for other people to stop thinking I'm a freak or I'm constapateded or something. Its hurtful and I want out.

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