My fear of stink bugs

by Elizabeth
(USA )

Well I have always been afraid of stink bugs but lately it has been more phobia like- its spring time so we have had a lot of them lately so yesterday I had the lights off in my room and I picked up my drink and I felt something on the side of it so I turned the light on and it was a stink bug. Well, I flipped out I jumped up and started screaming bloody murder and my mom came rushing in and I told her there was a stink bug and I couldn't even sleep in my room that night! That's not all either today I was sitting on my bed on my phone and was listening to the tv when out of the corner of my eye I saw something like drop from the ceiling almost so I sat up and looked over and it was a stink bug so I got up and ran out of my room screaming! And my mom asked me what is was then killed it. And I have been paranoid all day. Lately it just seems to be getting worse

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