My fear of rollercoasters

by Matt
(Shelbyville, Kentucky)

Alright so it all started when I was about 6 years old when I was at a daycare.

We went on a field trip to a theme park and one of my chaparones forced me to go on this type of rollercoaster and I was absolutely petrified of it to the point that I was acctually getting sick.

We end up getting on the ride and I am like crying my eyes out and yet he still makes me ride it.

Then about 7 years later when I was 13 I slowly started getting over my fear of riding them. I don't quite know how I just did?

Yet, I still have this strange fear that whenever I ride them I think it's going to crash or fly off the rails or something drastic, while killing everyone. I'm not really that afraid of dying it's just that I am when I'm on a rollercoaster? It's wierd but I try not to let it ruin my fun.

I just have severe anxiety attacks whenever I get on one. If there is a name for this fear or if anyone knows how to try and overcome it please message me at fallensk8er18 at Thank you (:

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