My Fear of Open Doors

by Anonymous

I've had this strange fear of open doors since I was four, but I don't know why.I just get really paranoid whenever one of my family members leave a door open. I just get so freaked out when I see an open door whether the lights are on or off. My heart starts to beat faster and I stare at any door that's open and I never take my eyes off it until someone closes it or I do. I don't know why but I have to keep my eye's on the door and I get very panicked if I don't close it. My family doesn't know I have this fear all they know is that I yell at them when they leave a door open. I guess something happened to me when I was young that now I get very freaked out or paranoid when theirs an open door..... It feels good writing about this I don't have to keep it to myself anymore right now I'm nineteen and this is the first time I said anything about my fear of open doors I'm happy I got this off my chest.

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