My Fear of Emergency Sirens

This is the MOST ridiculous phobia out there i'm guessing. Obviously, we have tornado sirens were we live. When I was little the first time I heard them, I was literally SHAKING and covering my ears. When I was in elementary school, we had a high wind warning and the sirens kept blowing for hours. I am now 21 and I still cant hear them without shaking. I know what they sound like as they sounded for numerous tornado warnings but still, they scare me. Same with fire sirens too. at times, we would head up to the town of Frankenmuth, Michigan and there are 2 sirens, one on the fire department's rooftop and one across from the Cass River. One time, I forget it was test day, and it startled me. I even heard a Tornado siren as a test on top of a museum. I don't why it's taking control of my life, I need to be cured.

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