My Fear Of Dogs

by beth

my fear of dogs probably started when my parents friend looked after me they had a black lab and the man told the dog to chase me as a joke!

the dog was growling at me i would have only been about 2 or 3 when this happened. but its taking over my life i am know 25 i feel so stupid when i see a dog loose on the street i do anything to get away from it even crossing the road with out looking i would rather get hit by a car than the dog being near me!

i cant go to some of my friends house because they have a dog, i cant go to the beach go down the street on my own it is always on my mind and its not that i am scared of it biting me its more like its a dog get it away from me!

i have been hypnotised it did help a little bit i walked past my parents dog when my mum told it to sit and stay my god i even cried because i was SO pleased that i did it.

so then i thought i would give it a try at the beach with some close friends that i knew i could trust we had a fab day then was spoilt by a man and his dog, the dog was loose it ran up to me i screamed panicked cried and my whole body was like hot jelly, the man said 'it wont bite' he walked away looking at me as though i was some kind of freak, it took me about half an hour to calm down.

i think people don't understand this phobia unless they know someone that suffers from it or any other kind of phobia.

i really want to get over this horrible phobia and its great to know that i am not the only one that has this problem.

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