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RE My Fear Of Dogs
by: Adam

I hear you and I feel you, everything that has been said here I feel every single day, Ive been scared of dogs all my life , its actually like a primal thing that I have no control over, it affects everything I do, I dont go through the park unless Im on my bike, (easier to get away)I to cant walk down the beach through fear of some random dog of its lead, I think it started whe I was really young, A dog jumped on me and knocked me over and stood on me licking my face which wasnt good, oh and the bull terrier that thought my leg was a chewing post and the stupid we kid out walking it that had no control over it, Their are others things like this ut I could go on and on, anyway the silly thing is I would love a dog, a nice dog to be my best friend and follow me around, anyway for me it seems to bread specific, Pitbull, Bull terrier, Mastiff, basically what Im saying is all breads thats seem to come from the bull variety of dogs Ive always found cant be trusted and Id do anything to get away from them, Yes I have ran across a road full of oncoming traffic just to get out the road of a dog, its not all bull breads though, mostly big dogs, I actually have walked a mile round the block in a different direction to get home when I saw a guy coming up the road in the distance with his dog of the lead, anyway I could go on and on but I wont, It does and has to certian degree ruin your life because your always worried everywhere you go, will their be dogs their, anyway it is very embarrasing and I dont tell anyone unless I really have to, like a cant go somewhere because they have a dog etc,
Strangely I had a good friend in Secondary School called Bruno and it was a lovely dog, I used to walk it etc, it would let you roll around in the back yard with it chasing a ball etc and it didnt have an agressive bone in its body its weird I loved that dog, I could walk into his house right past it and just push it out the road and it didnt bother me because I had the time to get to know it- Bruno would go mad when anyone came past the house in the street barking at the window etc, but this has showed me that if you have the time to get to know a dog and the dog you, everything is fine, I still cross the street from dogs I dont know especially the guy down the street that walks his Akita without a lead on, I know where all the dogs live in my neighbourhood its really silly but I just cant kick that feeling that Id rather jump out a plane than meet a big bad dog. My sympathy to anyone who has this perverted fear that takes over your entire being when a dog comes.

tell your friends
by: Sarah

to the person who is going to the party at their friends house, you have to tell your friend. Explain to your friend that it's not a choice, it's not something you control. I find that, most people just have absolutely NO idea what it's like and so they think you're being a princess and get offended.

Ask your friend if they can please keep the dog away from you - if they're a real friend they should be able to support you.

The main thing is, just don't be afraid to admit it. It's very very embarrassing (good lord I KNOW all about it) but until you start being honest with yourself - it's a phobia, not something you have chosen - you're always going to be embarrassed about it.

When's the last time you met someone who is arachnaphobic (spiders) who is *embarrassed* by being afraid of spiders?? Exactly, it's almost viewed as cute just because it's socially acceptable.

Be brave honey, and realise that you're exactly the same as someone who is phobic of spiders, it's just that your phobia is understood by less people.

You're NOT a freak!
by: Sarah

I was kind of relieved to read your story. I'm in exactly the same boat.

I think the worst bit is that people think it's funny or look at you like there's something wrong with you - it couldn't possibly be their iddy ickle fluff-buddy now, could it?? It makes me so mad! But so embarrassed too.

The one that I also get a lot is: "Oh, you don't like dogs??". Eh, no. That's not what I said. I said I am PHOBIC. I like dogs, they're wonderful animals, I just need 'em on a leash or behind a big ole fence in order to feel comfortable.
Anyway, enough about me. I'm 32 now, and have found that through constant exposure, it's getting easier.
That said, I still do ANYTHING in my power to avoid walking through a park. Literally, I have never in my life been to a park on my own.

I've heard that neuro-linguistic programming or behavioural therapy can help. I've tried either yet because when I have time I have no money, and when I have money I have no time!! :o)

Good luck, and please just keep reminding yourself:
- you are NOT a freak

- dog owners who laugh at you are SELFISH and IGNORANT

- make sure your friends understand the extent of your issues, don't hide it like I used to (my boyfriend is *amazing*). Your friends can be your support and help you feel protected when you're confronted by someone else's out of control dog (even if the woof-beastie really does only want to play).

stay strong! xoxo

by: Anonymous

Yeah I know how you feel. I am deathly terrified of dogs and my friends always laugh at me whenever I see a dog and run away. That's why I try not to tell my friends anymore, and I try to keep it a secret. But it is really hard, and I'm going to a party at my friend's house today, and she has a huge labrador retriever and I'm terrified about what I'm going to do if it comes near me or jumps on me as soon as I walk through the door. I'm also afraid of my friends laughing at me again. Any suggestions?

fear of dogs.
by: Anonymous

i was just reading your comment about your fear of dogs & im glad to find someone who is scared of them as much as me, i thought i was reading my own comment! people just find it funny when i run away from dogs but they just dont understand how scared i am of them, family have told me to try being hypnotized & i see you have had this done, how much effect did it have? also friends have mentioned acupunction which i am also going to try!

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