My Fear of Aliens

by Erika

I'm 13. My fear of Aliens is a roller coaster. It started in October 2010 when believed i had an encounter. I remember I woke up and it was 4:12 am. I was in my parents room as i always had a phobia of anything that has to do with the dark. I saw huge bright flash of light and next thing i know it's 4:48 am. That morning i was lying on the couch and got huge flashes in my head that hurt. Ever since this i have been deathly afraid.

I can watch E.T. or that stupid movie "Signs" but anything that has the "Greys" in it scare the absolute shit out of me. Whenever I go to bed I cover my mirrors (another fear), close my shades (I hate the thought of someone or something looking at me) and leave on my light on. Those greys scare me so much that if I wake up in the night, I'm deathly afraid that they're in my room looking at me or watching me. But the aliens in "Independence Day" or "Men in Black" don't even phase me. Sometimes my fear of the "Greys" have scared me so much my stomach hurts when i think about them. Any little noise or light I see when I'm in my bed scare me so much I half to sleep with my mom and dad. I only feel safe when i'm with them. NOBODY GETS IT! I have so much anxiety about aliens I could cry. Has this happened to anyone else?

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