My fear of Aliens, Ghosts, and Mirrors when it's Dark

by Serina
(North Carolina)

I am not that afraid of these terms, items, or beings in general. I love watching movies about ghosts and aliens. My phobia is from the anxiety I get when I am alone, in my room, in the dark.

My MAIN fear is aliens taking me away or killing me in my sleep (when I get paranoid or anxious). Sometimes I cannot sleep unless I am completely under the covers to calm my fears. I know that realistically, this would not shield me from anything. I definitely cannot sleep without my window being covered. I am afraid of seeing something out my window. It scares me even more because I live on the second floor (because it would be very odd to see something hanging out in front of your window on the second floor).

Another fear is making contact with an alien or ghost/spirit. I think I would literally have a heart attack. O_O

My last fear is walking by mirrors or windows at night. The thing is, I see something move out of the corner of my eye. Of course I know that is me, but there is always that dreaded thought of, "What if it's not me and actually something else that will make contact me and possible kill me?"

These fears that I have, are not necessarily the fear of being harmed or killed. The fear I have, is making contact with the unknown.

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