My fear is of the dark

My fear is of the dark and also heights and also making my room untidy. In a 14 year old boy who likes to clean, stitch, organise, making my room look like heaven. When I was small I was scared of the dark when a power cut went off and I was only 7 so when I was trying to get to my parents my brother jumped out and scared my to death. Also when I watched CSI Miami I got more scared of the dark and also I developed the fear of being left alone in creepy places. I got my fear of heights when we went to France and into the second top floor and when I looked outside and saw specks of people I cried to get off . don't laugh but I was 11. My room is so organised and so clean and tidy that my parents think I'm a girl and so do i . the problem is that normal boys hate cleaning their room but I find girl hobbies fun and entertaining. I feel so embarrassed to share this information so please have some courtesy and don't laugh.

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