My fear and anxiety driving fast on motorways

by Sheila
(Walsall uk)

My fear and anxiety driving fast on motorways, Its been like it a couple of years always pushing myself to do the journeys, trying hard to not let it take over, but I too hit the brakes to slow down as I feel I will lose control. I talk myself through the journey, " you can do this " " please help me get through this " terrible feelings, gripping steering wheel, hot flushes,annoyed with myself. I used to love driving on motorways, going on holiday, now it feels impossible such a chore . Depening on someone else to do it. WHY O WHY !!!! After a lovely lunch out I drove back and YES large carriageway, there are those feelings again, there I go slow down. I get up set with my partner ( who is wonderful ) and I have spoiled a nice day, because I am up set.
Got home and googled various sites. I found one about Meditation and Mindfulness by Bronwyn Fox very interesting. I felt I was reading about my self, people experiencing the way I have been feeling. I am going to take up this challenge to get this sorted. I am not going to let my FEAR take control any longer. I thank you all for sharing your experiences on this site, which has helped me to write this, to understand I am not alone with this problem and to take the next steps to overcome this. Blessings to everyone x

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