My Dentist Phobia Story

by Julie

Guess I'll be the first to share my story. I have this dentist phobia since childhood. I'm now 34 and had not seen a dentist for years. However, because of this terrible pain I couldn't put it off any more, no matter how scared I was.

It took me visiting 3 different dentists before I finally found one that I completely trusted. A lot of crying and sleepless nights. But I persevered because I knew I had to. I couldn't go on being phobic forever, or I would end up losing all of my teeth.

I knew it was different from the moment I walked into this dentist office. The staff was nice, helpful and friendly. Then I met this dentist. Ever meet someone and just have the feeling that you can completely trust this person? That's how I felt with this dentist. Every fear, every phobia melted away. His exam was very gentle. In contrast to the others dentists.

Yesterday was the big day. The dentist came in. I was horrified, but again his gentle and kind words calmed me. He explained exactly what he was going to do. He told me that if I needed to stop for any reason to simply raise my right hand. He assured me that he would then stop immediately. However, I didn’t stop him.

I could not believe when the assistant told me it was over. It only took a little over an hour for everything. My teeth felt a little traumatized in the first hours, not painful at all.

Find yourself a dentist that you trust. It is possible to break through your fear, and it is possible to have a pain free experience, whether or not you choose sedation.

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