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Caixa, you are not alone!
by: Sarah

Just wanted to say that I am also dog phobic. I literally spend half my life having to explain to very very offended owners that, no, I do NOT *dislike* your dog, I'm actually phobic. I know it wont *do* anything to me but that does not stop me freaking out.

I have always been afraid of dogs, as long as I can remember, and the shame and embarrassment it's caused over the course of my life is more than I can say. That said, I'm 32 and finally learning that, I might actually not be a total freak.

I find that one of the best ways to deal with it is, to make sure that your friends understand the extent of your problem so that they can support you (my boyfriend is amazing, very supportive). That said, I'm not there yet and yes, I definitely have walked 20 mins out of my way (on a regular basis!!) to avoid other peoples out-of-control dogs.

Hang in there, you are not the only one and you are definitely not a freak.

Fear of Dogs
by: Anonymous

I was attacked by a dog when i was 5, i had a phobia of them until i was 11. i got over them by saying to myself that not all of them will hurt me, i also spent more time with people with dogs e.g. family friends. and i got over it, its now been 5 years and ive never ran away screaming like i used to. . . but sadly my sister picked up my fear when i was little, she is now 13 and still runs away screaming when she sees a dog (all sizes) an one time she went as far as to climb up a tree -_-'

by: Anonymous

dude having any size of dog wont help the problem it will likley make it worse for ppl who fear them having a dog of anysize will be dangerous to thier health. Most dog phobias start with a traumatic expirience in thier childhood (I know mine did) so having a dog of any size will not help,it would prabaly make it worse.

dog phobias
by: shelly

I know just how you feel. I developped my phobia of dogs two years ago totally out of the blue.

I've kept dogs most of my life,so could understand why. Although i was, bitten as a child, I never was scared of dogs afterwards.

But now thirty years on, if i know there's a dog nearby, i get dread full panic attacks,and i will avoid these situations at any cost.

Dogs can sense fear and this makes it worse .You will find most people laugh at you and tell you not to be silly,and just go and stroke it,and all will be well,but they are not walking in our shoes are they? so how on earth could they know how we feel?

Someone once told me fear of dogs was a deep seated problem relating to a dominant male figure, at some time in my life,i cant be sure of that i haven't looked into it.

But i do know that i would like some phobic treatment for it. I want to be able to go out and walk about without constantly looking over my shoulder.

Dog Fear
by: Jessica Loren Brown

well, it's okay. I have a lot of phobias myself. My sister, alyssa, hates dogs. It's okay to be scared of dogs. I'm scared if I don't know the dog. Maybe you should try getting a small dog, to see where that goes, and just move on up. Like the size of it. Most female dogs are more gentle than male. Try getting a small puppy, like a duschane ( I can't spell, sorry) okay Caixa? & btw, I think ur name is really cool.

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