My Cow Phobia

by Amy
(York, England)

My Cow Phobia. When I was younger (about 6/7) I was out on a walking holiday with my family, something we always did, when we had to go through a field of cows.

I had always been fine previously but that time as we were crossing a came over to us and 'moo-ed' in my face we were then chased across the rest of the field by the group of cows. I was in tears and I can remember it clearly till this day.

Since the if I se a sign warning 'bull in field' I start to panic even if there is no cows in sight(!), if I am walking by a field of cows I have to walk as far away as possible.

I can always feel my heart poundng and it makes me want to cry. On the few occasons I have had to walk through fields of cows I cry/panic/can't breathe properly/try not to go and have to be surounded by people/walk as quick as possible close to a wall or escape rouite and hold someone's hand.

I know it is irrational and that on that incident they were young frisky males. I have tried to face my fear, and to beat it but I have been unsucsesful so far.

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