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I can't believe there are people like me
by: Valerie

Ever since I can remember, I have been terrified of Cows! My parents tell me there has never been an 'incident' regarding cows, but instead of chasing imaginary monsters out from under my bed, they had to chase cows out. I have a hard time driving by them in the car, and if they are moving around, I absolutly panic. I would NEVER walk anywhere they might even possibly be. I have always been made fun of, and told that I am the only one who has this! Ha, now I know I am not...

Fear the cows
by: Anonymous

I think you were right to be scared. It sounds like the cow was trying to eat you.

by: Ruth

I had the same expirience, when I was about 8 I went walking and a herd of cows chased my family and I and there was a bull and we had to go into a river to escape them.

And today I was reduced to tears as me and my family had to walk RIGHT next a cow field and we had my two dogs so the cows were mooing at us and there was only a tiny fence so I thought they would get through. We had to walk back (past the cows again) because I was that stressed.

by: Sarah

Wow, this is the same for me! It all started in Grade 5 for no reason, My teacher was reading a book about cows and I started shaking and sweating and my friend noticed I was scared so she told the teacher if she could say "cow" a different way she said well no, and everyone started to make fun of me! I will NEVER forget that and now I am terrified of anything to do with cows!

I'm happy to know there are more people who are scared!

by: Anonymous

thats so inspirational, im moved into tears

same with me
by: Anonymous

ya so im pretty much the same, my friend and i were canoeing in my backyard and we started going toward these cows but my friend started mooing REALLY LOUD!!!! then they started mooing and coming toward us. it freaked me out and i have been scared of them ever since. fake cows or when its not possible for them to come toward me im not afraid.
But i want to know, is there a specific word for my phobia of cows?

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