My boyfriend fears he'll lose me....

by Delila
(Kettering, Ohio, USA)

My boyfriend, Justin, has always had this fear with only me. I've known him since 8th grade. He was shy and kind of (how do I put this?) a geek. He was cute, smart, and always neutral when it came to his friends.

I had seen him go out with other girls and he has never been this way. He keeps saying "Delila, I need you in my life, and if you leave me there's no point in living.". Everytime he says that my heart leaps. I love him so much, but I'm afraid to say that's his fear.

He loves me so much he be willing to do anything for me. He doesn't want to lose me and he's pushing me away with it. He gets alittle obsessed with making sure that guys aren't flirting with me. I'm not use to all this attention from any guy. I guess I should be grateful, but I don't want him to think he has to do things to make sure I stay with him.

He sometimes blows up at me and we get into arguements but they usually are about me cheating on him. I have never and never will cheat on any guy. I hate when he says that but he ends up getting upset either way.

He tells me he's just paranoid, and that's deffinitly not good for a healthy relationship. Any guy out there who has a phobia similar to this needs help. It scares me to see people like that. They need someone so much they'd do anything to keep them.

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