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I know what you mean
by: Rose from Cali

My boyfriend is similar to yours. He's loved me since we were children and his love developed as we became adults, he waited for me for ten years without ever uttering a word to ask me out (nerves I guess). Now that we're together we're in a serious relationship and about once every month he and I have an argument that makes him feel seriously depressed that he's going to lose me, that's his biggest fear of our relationship. He's serious about not being able to live with himself if I'm not in his life and he doesnt want to lose me. He's grown up with this image of me that helped him grow into the man he is now. His love is true, but his communications are faulty.

fear of losing
by: Anonymous

my boyfriend is the same way. It really bothers me because he constantly thinks that I will get influenced by my friends if they want to do something that isnt good for our relationship. He also always feels the need to question if i am being honest with him or faithful. It really bothers me because i feel like if he doesnt trust my judgement or my word, then clearly he doesnt trust me., but i know that he is just so scared of losing me. I think guys with this type of problem usually have suffered abandon in their life. My boyfriend's parents got divorced when he was around 12 because his mother didn't want to be in a committed relationship anymore and i think that he is afraid i will do the same. Sometimes they dont understand that when you hold someone so tight, it can become suffocating

me too
by: Anonymous

I have a boyfriend who is similar but he says he feels numb around me and he is afraid of getting to know me too well and then lose me like he lost his previous girl, who died. I think therapy would be a good idea but would be hard to bring up because he might then think that you think he is mentally unstable. I think the best thing is to try and work it out reason with him and try to get him to relax up a bit by reassuring him and deciding what he wouldn't like you to do and you saying whether or not you agree.
Communication is the best key for a strong relationship!

mt bffs bf is like that too
by: Anonymous

my frind has a boyfriend and hes very proper and is always saying things anto her like" i cant ever live without her" and it is always bugging me when ever she cant txt him! he is paranoid and they will stay up for hours s maby if they could stay up for days at a time...its buggs me sooo much!!!!!!!!!!! he is so obsesed wit her! when we went to the movies to meet him for the first time wit me and her and my bff and her bf and this gurl megan he was sooooooo tence it was reeeeeeaaalllllyyyyy funneh!!!! but he still luvs her ad thats what counts....even if he hates me....:P

I'm Like This
by: Nate From Kentucky

Me and my girlfriend just broke up and i was exactly like this when she broke up with me. She said i was to clingy and to possessive. It killed me but i knew i screwed up.

girls too
by: Anonymous

Not just guys are like that, girls are too.
He probably just devoloped Monophobia (a fear of being alone/abandonment.) And yes, he can just develop it out of nowhere.
I have monophobia (though have different ways of dealing with it...none of them any good.)
He might have a personality disorder associated with Monophobia; such as schizophrenia or borderline personality (both are highly unlikely, by the sounds of it.)
He should try therapy.

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