My Alektorophobia

by Rebecca
(United Kingdom)

At my school the year sixes did a project on the lifecycle. To help them really get the idea of the lifecycle the school bought 3 chicken eggs.

1 exploded, one didnt hatch but the last survived. They called it Bruce. The school made a cage for Bruce and it was so big that they got lent 2 chickens, Tika and Masala by a girls mum. I went to the girls house before she lent the chickens and we went to see them in our garden. I was fine with them, although just a little timid. For a joke, she shut me in the cage but I instantly got scared and felt they were following me and that they wanted to peck me.

Now, back in school I was fine with the chickens, and enjoyed watching them. But once when they escaped, I saw one of the chickens, Tika, coming towards me I noticed she was in the same position she was in when I was at the owners house this made me remember the feeling of it and I got very scared.

I also noticed my palms were sweating and my breathing was rapid. I looked it up on the computer and found out I had Alektorophobia.

People think its funny that I am scared of chickens and when I try to talk to some one about they just interupt me and say "no one cares" and walk off. Also, once we were having PE and one of the chickens escaped from the pen. I was nearly having a panic attack and no body did anything. No one will listen and I really want to get rid of my phobia.

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