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Me too.
by: Anonymous

I'm absolutely terrified. They make me feel sick. Just the sight of them, I cannot even look at a chicken, they're revolting.

it's ok
by: Rits

Really though, it is ok. It isn't right that some people don't take you serisouly about your fear of chickens. But that's just some people! What caused your fear of them? I mean you kind of say why but it doesn't seem to go on much. I woudn't consider counseling or anything but maybe you could face them and reassure yourself about them. I know how it feels to have a "stupid fear" because I have siderophobia... if you thought your fear was dumb wait until you look up mines! I mean a chicken can hurt someone if it tried but not the object of my fears unless it came here itself.

fear of chicken
by: Mumbai guy

i had suffered from this fear of chicken since long. i m 37 years man from Mumbai, India and still fear the feathered thing. the sight of hen makes my knees weak. i panic. my heart beats moves faster n i fear the worst. i feel that the poor timid chicken will attack me. otherwise, i m quite normal and not very timid or fearful. but hens make me weak. btw, i eat chicken.

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