My 5 year old thinks everything is dirty/or has bugs!

by M.J.
(North Carolina,USA)

My Phobia Son

My Phobia Son

I dont really remember when it started,but my husband is a marine & one of his friends stayed with us. He slept in my son's bed & my 5year old freaked out,started crying saying "I dont want my bed to stink." The friend took a shower in my son's bathroom & my sons would use it until I cleaned it because he said its dirty his feet where in there.

I took a pair of my flip-flops over my friends house for her to try on to see if thats the right size,cause she was going to over some but didnt want to get the wrong size he told me that i was going to get bugs.

If anyone has had the same problem with there child and have advise let me know. Its getting bad. What do I do?Does he really have the phobia?

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