Multiple phobia's

by Malissa

Clavicaphobia: I don't like to see collarbones no matter your physical appearance. I tend to shiver when seeing them prominently.

Seeing them is already not pleasant enough for me but I absolutely hate it when people touch my collarbones. Or even if other people touch theirs or others.

I think this stems from a picture I saw when I was young of someone being able to hold his or her collarbone in between her fingers...

Omphalophobia: I hate touching my own bellybutton, more specifically rubbing my finger in it. I don't have any problems seeing belly buttons and I don't mind how mine looks like. I just hate the feeling of a finger inside...

Unknown phobia: I really don't like it when other people crack my joints. Especially of my feet. I don't have a problem cracking my own joints but I just don't like the feeling of my bones separating without my will.

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