Multiple phobias

by Marie

Ok, so i have many fears and its kinda odd that i have these fears but here they are

1. Spiders - I know this one is common but when i see a spider i freeze, i cant even move because i feel that if i move it will grow big and eat me up or something. I cant even see movies with spiders in them because it makes it hard for me to breath.

2. Needles - I am really scared of needles, I hate the way they look the way they enter the skin and inject stuff.. its just.. gross. When i have to get a needle i panic and cry and shake, the doctors have to talk to me the whole way through.

3. Lakes - I can be in a lake and everything but i cant be the only one out really deep, someone always has to be out deeper then me for me to feel comfortable swimming. If im the only one out deep and i go under water, I think about a shark coming towards me with an open mouth and i have to get out of the water really quick. I recover quickly and am able to go back in the water but someone has to come with me.. It’s really weird

Those are my more severe fears.. i have little fears as well but they don’t affect me as much as those ones do.

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