multiple phobias!!!

hi, my name is Ashwin Mohan. I live in Mumbai, India and have developed this multiple phobias over the last 1-2 years.

The first phobia i have is that i am scared of travelling alone and getting sick or dying (from a heart-attack) in a foreign country. This fear has made me cancel many of my trips abroad and that has not been good for my business.

The second fear i have is that i get very claustrophobic when I travel on long distance flights. Now this may sound crazy but since i am a first-class traveller, nowadays many airlines have created a "suite style" seat where the whole seat is enclosed in a separate cabin and that makes me really suffocate. In older style airlines, the seats used to be much more open and i had no problem with that. I so NOT have fear of flying but I feel suffocated in these so-called "suites".

Today i have subscribed to the 5 day NLP program and i am positive that it will help me eliminate my fear so i can resume my international travel life which i so dearly miss!!!

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