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Fear of moths is known as Mottephobia.


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The fear is triggered in a situation when you are in the dark and turn on the car head lights and from nowhere a gang of moths pervades the tranquil environment.

Mottephobics grow a tendency of becoming very panicky when they see a group of moths suddenly appear in front of them. They scream and make a scene out of the whole insignificant issue.

Reasons Erupting Mottephobia
Mottephobics mainly fear the terrified look of the insects, which looks disgusting and repellant. It is quite natural that if you feel creepy of nasty of something, then there is natural tendency to grow hatred against the particular object.

Coming to moth, the most common terror is that they fly haphazardly and may land up straight into your mouth, if you are keeping it open. That is really disgusting, which gives rise to the phobia.

Even there is the maximum possibility that the moth can get tangled into your hair and this might ruin the silkiness of the hair.

However, when the fear grows intense there must be some incident in the past linking to moths that triggered the cause of fear in your mind.

A real life scare usually give rise to the phobia that resides in the mind for so long that at a point it becomes impossible to get it out of the mind.

What Are Symptoms Of Mottephobia Visible At This Stage?
Some of the most common symptoms include shaking, dry mouth, sweating, breathlessness, palpitation, inability to speak and think properly and extreme sense of detachment from reality.

However, the symptoms can vary from person to person and therefore you should not rely on only these symptoms.

How To Cure Mottephobia?
NLP self help techniques links to the mental codes and thus solve the phobia from the root. It uses the power of imagination to reprogram your fear with painless, quick and long-lasting technique.

Remember that talk-therapy, medication and cognitive behavior therapy are useful in treating only the symptoms, but NLP cures the problem.

Scientifically, NLP self help techniques are helpful in eliminating Mottephobia from your mind and bringing logical reasoning to eradicate the problem.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
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