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`Fear of Moths AND Butterflies.
by: Classie

Now, I've always disliked moths and butterflies and dragonflies, but since this recent traumatic event happened everyday since I've had a panic attack. I start to cry scream and/or can't talk. A few days ago I discovered a moth the size of my hand that had been hiding in my window. Now I'm so frightened it's hot and I go out fully covered just to make sure none fall on me or touch me if they fly at me. I'm so terrified it's ridiculous. My therapist can't even help me because she doesn't like bugs. Thank God my mother's fearless to everything I'm afraid of, or I'd be left high and dry, to fend for myself. I'm 15 by the way.

Fear of moths
by: Anonymous

I've had a fear of moths too since about age 6. All I remember is a moth came inside my house in the summer and chased me to my mom's room and shut the door. Some how it came under the door and chased me again unyil it went behind hre dresser and died.
Now whenever I see one I'll start crying and screaming until its gone. I'm 11 now by the way. I think it's the way it flutters that freaks me out but I don't think I'll wait to find out.

Flushing Toilets
by: Xena

My name is Amber and I understand how you feel. I" am afraid of flushing toilets. You are probably laughing right now but it isnt funny.I have always been afraid of them ever since I was really little. When my mom was potty training me she flushed the toilet and it scared me, I fell and hit my head on the floor. I went into a panic attack and my mom helped me. I am 18 now and I am still like deathly scared of flushing toilets. I now flush the toilet and RUN!!! or I have my friend Brinley flush it for me when I am out of the room.

moths and butterflies
by: Alicia

im kinda glad that your afraid of moths. I am deathly afraid of moths and butterflies. they totally creep me out. i peed my pants one time because my kids chased me with a butterfly. I cry i scream i am just freaked out by them. I have never seen or heard of anyone else with this phobia. by the way im 30 and was 29 when my kids chased me.

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