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by: Nat

i still suffer from monophobia and when im alone i have panic attacts i didn't understand why though.

ive had it since i was little i found talking to people on the phone late at night made me feel better but of course credit dosen't last forever lol

Went Away
by: Anonymous

I had that exact same problem.
I always checked the doors if I was home alone (especially at night) in fear of someone breaking in. I was sure that the lights were on, too (in the house, so I could see.)

As I aged, that fear just went away...I'm no longer afraid of people breaking in (though I still tense up abit in complete darkness, if my vision hasn't adjusted yet. Who knows what's there?)

As for being alone...I never really suffered from that...but that's probably because I blocked it up with delusions.
I recently found out that I am, indeed, a monophobic.
I advise you see counseling.

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