Do You Suffer From
Midget Phobia?

You suffer from midget phobia when you feel awkward and alarmed when you see a little person standing before you. You feel as if he is out of the group and not someone like you.

Midgets are dwarf people who have a sort of deformed stature and they look unusual and at times even frightening.

Thus, when they stand before you, they make you feel awkward and at times uncomfortable – this is what this phobia all about is.

The other name of midget phobia is Lollypopguildophobia and it is accompanied by several symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, feeling of sickness, vigorous palpitation of the heart, a fear that you may become mad or lose control, a sort of inability to utter words or think clearly.

Other symptoms are; occasional shaking, mouth becoming dry, lack of breath, a full blown anxiety attack and extreme perspiration.

Do not ever think that you are the only one having this phobia. There are lots of unspoken sufferers who know that they are afraid of the dwarfs but they do not want to confess their condition.

The most enervating part of the whole thing is that you know there is nothing to be afraid of dwarfs but still you cannot help yourself from being afraid.

Causes Of The Fear
Midget phobia can have its source in the past. Anna, a sufferer says that there was a dwarf keeper in her school who usually behaved very badly with the students. The elders and the mature ones made fun of the figure and the younger and the innocent ones were the worst sufferers.

Anna was young and the sight of the dwarf used to give her a chill running down her spine. She hated the sight of the person. It was such a bad experience for her that till date she feels uncomfortable to see or interact with someone dwarf and unusual.

Then there was Susan who developed midget phobia after she saw movies like wiily wonka and the chocolate factory with that “ooompa ooompa ompadie omp”. Here a midget was shown to be a murderer.

Susan was just out of her senses after she watched the movie and at night she used to dream of a horrendous looking dwarf with a big knife in hand. Still now Susan has midget phobia and she hates the sight of dwarf looking people.

In a navy hospital an expecting Indian woman was admitted. In the same hospital there was a dwarf steward who looked very frightening and out-of-the-way. The Indian woman used to feel extremely frightened and endangered at the sight of that midget steward.

The intensity of the fear was such that the woman started apprehending that the child she was going to have would be a dwarf. The apprehension finally turned into a sort of nightmare and finally the woman had a miscarriage.

How To Treat Midget Phobia
To treat the phobia, you can take to several treatments like CBT, exposure therapy, relaxation techniques, counseling hypnotherapy and medicines. All these treatments should take care of the phobic condition to a certain extent. But all of these types of treatment do have their disadvantages.

However, self help NLP technique is the best way to treat midget phobia.

Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) is basically “the language of the mind” which allows you to alter your negative thoughts and behaviors through proven, effective, permanent techniques.

We know from NLP that the root of a phobia is an erroneous assemblage of your mental codes. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over several decades with hundreds of thousands of patients in many countries – and it’s been effective time and time again.

NLP attacks the problem at the source and takes care of it for good.

My Phobia Release Program teaches these well-established NLP techniques that are proven and effective. Medication, talk-therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy only treat the symptoms. NLP cures the problem. There is a huge difference.

You actually cure yourself by going into your unconscious mind and rearranging these mental codes. And you can do all of this:

    Without therapy

    Without drugs

    Without physical pain

    Without mental anguish

    Without side effects

    In the privacy of your own home

My Phobia Release Program can help you prepare yourself to face certain realities in life. This way you can change your mental construct and get to rid yourself from midget phobia.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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