Michael Jackson
Bacteria Fear

The Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear not only has the singing star in its grip. Look around yourself.

Do you see people mortified of dirt?
Or people whose lives have been reduced to a routine of dusting and washing?

You guessed right! The Michael Jackson Bacteria-Fear has also afflicted them.

Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear actually refers to Mysophobia. It is a type of phobia wherein people have a mortal fear of dirt, germs or bacteria (in Greek, myso means filth).

Like other phobias, Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear is also mostly ungrounded. However, in certain cases, the phobia may have its roots in some unpleasant experiences centering around bacteria or dirt and grime.

Michael Jackson bacteria fear

In Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear, people experience a sense of uneasiness, clammy palms, a racing heart, an irrepressible urge to shout or run away and sometimes even feel like dying when confronted with dirt.

After going through these paralyzing feelings, people start being apprehensive even of the situations that they feel will trigger these anxiety attacks.

Thus in Mysophobia, you have people who remain cooped in their houses for fear of facing dirt and germs outside. In other cases, you will find people always washing their hands and bodies to the point of soreness in an effort to remain clean. In extreme cases, life comes to a standstill owing to this phobia.

Michael Jackson had once sung, “You are not alone it”, albeit in a different context, but he couldn’t have been more spot on. Celebrities like Joan Crawford and Howard Hughes have Mysophobia, as do countless others. It is that severe in Michael Jackson that he has taken to wearing a mask outdoors.

For them, help comes in the form of numerous alternative therapies like Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Energy Psychology.

Any phobia is a consequence of the feelings of threat and insecurity that you perceive to be present in a situation. These perceptions are false and even if you realize so, it is often very difficult to come out of this mindset. Hypnotherapy seeks to reorient the thought processes going through your subconscious mind.

NLP is not much different in the sense that it rebuilds your notion of reality. So in case of Mysophobia, a successful round of NLP will wring in such a change that you will stop treating dirt and germs as objects of fear and hence will not have the panic attacks even when covered from head to toe with soot.

Armed with this notion, you will soon be cured of your cleaning and dusting rituals too.

Energy Psychology combines the benefits of the above two procedures and is claimed to be very fast and effective in curing Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear.

The process is a sort of a self-healing technique wherein you yourself gain control over your mind as you gradually change your behavior and thought processes. This control over the mind in turn benefits you in the long run.

Conquer Michael Jackson Bacteria Fear. The power is within you.

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