Massive Fear of Spiders

by penny

I have a massive fear of spiders and I think it has got worse as ive got older.

Its getting to the point of being ridiculous now and i need to do something about it.

I have just booked a hypnotherapy session after an encounter with a spider last night. I had no-one to get it for me and it was on my bed.

I cant get near to them without feeling sick, panicky, out of breath, shaky and i start crying. I was even swearing at it to go away from me.

This all sounds so crazy and irrational, i know and everyone tells me that i am much bigger than it and it wont harm me.

I am so scared that one day i will have one in my car and i will have an accident.

It is now 'spider season' as i call it and it terrifies me. They are everywhere at the moment and i cant wait for my hypnotherapy session.

Is anyone else this bad about spiders?
Earlier this year I jumped out of a plane doing a skydive- i did not shake once, feel panicky or even feel scared and yet put me in the same room as a spider and i will feel like i'm about to collapse! Crazy- right?!

Will report on my hypnosis and if it works or not!!

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