Major phobia of birds

by Akeela
(Leicester )

I have a major phobia of birds mainly pigeons and it is not something that is easily avoided because they are everywhere! I avoid going into town as much as possible because they are always there and I am constantly embarrassing myself and the people who are with me I have often been late for college because I see one and them and then change my route which takes me twice as long to get there. Up until now I though I was the only one with this phobia but I have been doing some research and it seems that there are a lot of people like me. I hate the word pigeon and I hate looking at them I hate the noise that they make and how they fly up in your business I just hate everything about them! I am now 18 and feel like this phobia is ruining my life because I avoid going out in the day as much as I can it has come to a point where I have nearly been ran over due to having to cross the road because they are there.

If anyone shares they same phobia I would love to know more about it and if anyone has goten over a phobia as bad as this how.

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