Major Causes For All Phobias

Major causes for all phobias can be several. These causes trigger phobic conditions thus making the individual feel utterly restless and uncomfortable.

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Some major causes for all phobias can give rise to intense troublesome conditions in a wide range of situations or places. For example, if you fear heights then you are definitely a victim of acrophobia.

However, conditions of acrophobia can be triggered if you look out from an open window of a skyscraper or go for a drive over a high bridge.

You may also be afraid of confined spaces, which is termed as claustrophobia. This particular fear is triggered when you ride an elevator or laze yourself in a small restroom. You feel as if you are going to die out of suffocation.

Major causes for all phobias matter a lot because they play a dominant role in making you work and behavior ineffective both in office and at home. Phobias are of three different types – agoraphobia, social phobia and specific phobias.

What causes agoraphobia?
You may at times come across people who hate to tread in places like busy streets, crowded stores, theaters and churches. Agoraphobic people love to stay home confined.

Their daily activities include home to office and office to home. This is a kind of fear, which prevents you to go into areas from where it will be difficult for you to seek help or escape if necessary.

Major causes for all phobias, which are agoraphobic in nature, can be several. It can be a childhood experience when you unfortunately got trapped in a space and it took hours and lots of effort to rescue you from that condition.

One of the major causes for all phobias of this particular variety can be a film or a magazine where you saw or read about an incident of someone being trapped in a confined space and had to face death because the person was unable to save himself from the condition.

Often in newspapers, you read about happenings where too many people inside a theatre hall or a historical monument suddenly get trapped. As a result, all of them start running together stepping over each other and bumping against walls and pillars.

When you read about such things you are likely to have panic attacks as consequences of agoraphobia.

Major causes for all phobias which fall under the category of social phobia
When talking about major causes for all phobias the reasons for social phobia also need to be discussed. Such a phobic condition makes you feel humiliated and embarrassed when you are in a social gathering.

Under such circumstances, you avoid speaking in public, you don’t want to attend parties and social celebrations and you hate to be noticed and judged.

It is a bit difficult to trace major causes for all phobias on a social level because it all lies in your behavior. However, one of the reasons may be that during a certain point in your life you may have been humiliated or rebuked so badly that now you dare to face even minimum criticisms in life.

Major causes for all specific phobias
Specific phobias are fears of specific situations or things. For example, you may have seen in movies or in real life someone being bitten by a snake and the person dying in the process.

It is the point from where you start fearing snakes and feel panic stricken and nervous just at the mere sight of this creature.

How to treat phobias?
Now you know that phobias are caused due to a combination of external events and internal predispositions. After the reasons are clear to you, you can now think of how to treat the major causes for all phobias with the help of self-help NLP techniques. NLP self-help techniques help you to react positively to several phobic events in life and successfully overcome the major causes for all phobias.

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