Ludicrous Fear of Jewelry

by Melody
(Leesville, LA, US)

For as long as I can remember, I haven't been able to stand the feel or even the sight of jewelry. The idea of metal that has been on or IN someone's body that long... And it's an equal opportunity fear...

I also can't stand change or any metal someone has held long enough to get warm, really.

I don't have AS MUCH of a problem if it's new and no one has touched it, but even that is pretty bad because I know eventually someone will. I go out of my way to avoid touching or being touched by anyone wearing it, and while I can swallow the fear if I have to, I'm nauseous for a while afterward and will wash the area that came in contact obsessively.

I don't wear a wedding ring because of it, and though my husband has his ear pierced, he knows I won't go near him if he has one in. To add to the fun, he recently got his tongue pierced, too! I'm sure you can all imagine the problems THAT causes with intimacy.

But why should my ridiculous fears keep him from having what he wants? I don't have any idea what caused this fear. I've always had it. Is it possible to be born with a phobia?

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