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by: Anonymous

The oceans freak me out so much, I just can't stand to look at them.

by: Anonymous

I agree, I have a fear of looking at the earth, and the not understanding it. It freaks me out completely i definetly stay away from anything that shows the earth

google earth is outta me!!
by: Marilyn

I'm terrified of googleearth.You see,the 1st time I used google earth was just for fun since it was just released,and I ended up using that 3D version,and zoomed in an area near iceland/scandinavia or somwwhere in north europe,and I got freak out!I'm pretty sure if you see all that creepy-color ocean/icebergs/forest/mountains you will be freak out too!It was kinda like a feeling of loneliness/breathless...I really wanna discribe my feeling well but its just so hard,its like somewhere on earth are whole new/unfamiliar area that you would never EVER think about,ther are weird,cold,and deep...Sometimes I got this feeling also for universe and ocean,I guess this is sort of fear for unknown world/Super giant things....or whatsoever.It's not that intense,but it really get on my nerves and everytime I see it I get scared/fast heartbeat/thirsty,and I wanna runaway.That's basic all about me,I guess its called astrophobia.

You're not the only one :)
by: Amanda B.

All of that stuff freaks me out, too (Google Earth's at the bottome of my list, but it's still kind of creepy)

Fear of Google Earth
by: Anonymous

I too have this fear, I'm so afraid of Google Earth. Even just thinking about it or seeing its icon, I start to panic and breathe faster. I just don't want to see the program, even if it is stopped on a particular city, it terrifies me.
I'm also afraid of just images of earth. They just creep me out. And I'm also afraid of zooming too close or too far away, I don't know why.. it makes me very nervous.
Hope this made you feel better =]

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