Looking for a name for my phobia - a fear of Jo Ann fabrics and other crafts stores

by John

Recently, I've been becoming more and more afraid of arts and crafts stores like Jo Ann Fabrics and Michaels. I've scoured the internet and not found anyone else with my problem, and no name for it.

When I was younger, 5 or 6, my mom went to an arts and crafts store and I hated it, but wasn't scared. Now, if I need to go into one for some reason, it takes only seconds of the colorful selections of felt and multiple varieties of glue for me to become depressed and quite suicidal, I cringe at the sight of these stores and they sicken me to no end.

I am usually a very stable person, I don't have any other psyciatric problems. From time to time, though, I need to visit an arts and crafts store for a school project (I'm in high school), and I just lose it.

I try my best to avoid places like these, and, as I'm moving to higher grades, art projects are more and more scarce. Resultantly, my phobia in no way restricts my lifestyle.

Regardless, I still want to put a name to it, but, as I said earlier, my search has had no results. If anyone can give me a name for this phobia, I would greatly appreciate it.

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