Living with Ligyrophobia.

by Allison M.

I have horrible Ligyrophobia. Mostly, I'm just afraid of balloons out of all of the loud noises. My sister thinks it's funny, really, when I see a balloon too big, or when it pops. I get angry with her because she KNOWS I'm terrified of it popping, yet she still brings them around me. When there's someone who can make balloon animals or whatnot, I get scared, and I just walk away.

I hate it when people make fun of me for it. I've always wanted to cure my Ligyrophobia, but I'm just too scared too. If somebody has balloons at a party, I get scared & stay away as far as possible.

One time, my one friend was blowing up a balloon. It got way too big, and I said, "Kayla, stop."
"Just STOP. It's getting too big." My heart started racing faster & faster.
"Who cares? It's just a-" Then the balloon popped . I screamed & started to cry. Noone even understands how I feel about these things. Unless you have Ligyrophobia, you wouldn't understand.
"It's just a balloon."
"Get over it."

I can't just "get over" something I've been afraid of my whole life...

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