Help is as close as the telephone

Do you ever experience:

• Fear of a particular object or situation: panicky feelings, anxiety, tension, racing heart, sweating, nausea, or even terror or a full-blown panic attack?

• Do you routinely avoid particular objects or situations, even when that means missing out on living life the way you want?

Then you are one of approximately 911 million people around the world (over 40 million of those in the United States)! You are not alone.

And the most common treatment? None.
Research tells us that more than 70% of these problems go untreated, with at least 50% not even recognised when you visit your family doctor.

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Rapid phobia Treatment

Many people with these problems respond to rapid treatment. Therapy need not take years, or even months. In fact, we typically see excellent results in 6 sessions or less, even where the client has severe symptoms or has suffered for many years. Even where there has been serious past trauma.

While it is possible that your fear or phobia may be relieved in just one session, the best results are obtained with expert follow up. Complex phobias, particularly where generalised anxiety is present, should be addressed more cautiously.

Interestingly, many people who have used our clinic were already in some kind of treatment but felt they were not satisfied with their progress, or were looking for a second opinion.

In your telephone sessions, you'll not only learn and use techniques to overcome your phobia or fear permanently, but you'll learn them in such a way that you become empowered to use them for many other types of problems or challenges that crop up in your life.

So it's not just a matter of the therapist "treating" you: it's a matter of acquiring powerful tools to enable you to take creative charge of your whole life!

So what can you expect from treatment?

There are many benefits from this style of treatment:

• You get a comprehensive manual of techniques which you'll want to use not only for the fear or phobia you're dealing with now, but as an incredibly rich source of help for other changes you might want to make in your life.

• You'll have the privilege of working with one of Lifeworks' top therapists because it takes a very special and experienced therapist to work together with you, long distance

• You'll be working in a thoroughly compassionate and nurturing environment

• You'll quickly feel comfortable and confident that your therapist absolutely understands your experience and has the ability to help you resolve it yourself

• You'll be amazed just how quickly, easily and naturally those fearful feelings can melt away!

• Now, without that fear or phobia, you get to make real choices in your life instead of being controlled by your emotions!

• And it's all as close as your telephone

Powerful Phobia Treatment Techniques

There are a very wide array of treatment techniques utilised, from NLP, to the newer neurosomatic therapies. (Neurosomatic therapies rely on triggering the nervous system in a special way in order to make changes in the way the brain and nervous system respond to objects or situations which may previously have caused, for instance, physical feelings of panic.

EFT is just one of many excellent neurosomatic therapies which represent a remarkable advance in the field of behavioural modification.)

The reason we use such a diverse stable of techniques is that no matter how powerful a technique, there is no such thing as a technique that works for 100% of people.

In treating well over 3000 clients since 1997, we understand that different people require very different approaches!

Your fully-qualified and experienced therapist will discuss with you an individual approach in order to maximise the likelihood of your success. It's a good idea to book at least 3 sessions, keeping in mind that you may need to extend therapy when there are more complex issues.

Appointment is necessary, and normally you will not have to wait longer than 14 days. Simply complete your application for an appointment, and the Lifeworks Clinical Services Director will contact you by email to confirm your appointment.

Fees for telephone sessions are $AU227 (approximately $US164) per 50-minute session (including provision of comprehensive manual detailing the treatment methodologies). Please note that doctor referral may be required in some cases).

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Money Back Guarantee

Because we want to help you remove any obstacle to freeing yourself from your phobia, and because there is such a high rate of success with this approach, we gladly offer you a money-back guarantee. If, after completion of treatment, your phobia is not eliminated, your treatment cost will be fully refunded. As an extra bonus, you keep your comprehensive treatment manual for your own future use.


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