Do You Suffer From Limb Phobia?

Find out how to cure your limb phobia. This phobia is the constant fear of losing some part of your body. It may sound quite serious, but it isn’t so serious in the actual sense. It is just an irrational state of fear. Your phobia is a intense fear, which poses no real danger.

Jan Heering

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What is more pathetic, is that an adult who suffers from this phobia is fully aware that his fear is irrational, but however, cannot find an exact way to get rid of the situation.

When you suffer from limb phobia you become so seriously involved in the matter that at times you may tend to lose control quite unknowingly. Fear of losing a part of your body can drive you mad and make you feel as if death would have been a better option.

Please, don’t be upset because you are not the only one suffering from such conditions. There are innumerable victims who suffer form limb phobic conditions without knowing that they are really suffering.

However, once they come to identify themselves as potent sufferers they deny their condition thus giving form to further complexities.

There are varied symptoms of limb phobia which include breathlessness, excessive perspiration, nausea, dry mouth, feeling of sickness, shivering, heart palpitations, difficulty in articulation.

Other symptoms are: inability to make correct use of the mind, a constant fear of dying, a chance of behaving insanely or losing control, problem in facing the reality and experiencing a full blown anxiety attack.

Phobia, whether it is of the limb or regarding other specific conditions can seldom be a life-threatening factor. Phobia is in fact an uncharacteristic psychological condition, which compels the victim to behave helplessly.

Fear or phobia leads to depression and therefore the sufferers from such a condition automatically gets parted from the normal course of life. They are unable to perform well in professional spheres and behave unjustly with their own selves.

How Can You Help Yourself Get Rid Of Limb Phobia
First, you must sit down, imagine a life without any defects, and gain confidence in whatever you have to do. Try to talk to your friends and associates regarding your phobic condition in a way as if you are describing a movie.

This is a kind of self-revelation, which will definitely help you to feel better and self-assured in life.

Treating Limb Phobia By Means Of Neuro Linguistic Programming
The job of NLP is to restructure your unconscious mind and help you think from a different perspective. A good Neuro Linguistic Programming Self Help program helps you to form your mental ‘constructs’ out of what you are able to sense.

May be at some point in your life you have had an unpleasant experience regarding your limb. That experience was enough to make you tremble for the rest of your life.

My NLP phobia release program will help you to eliminate the existing trauma in your psychological sphere. You will recover from the unpleasantness of limb phobia and rediscover your own identity.

Posted by Jan Heering
Master Coach, psychological trainer and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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