by Augstineon

Hell all,
thanks for this opportunity to share with you.

Who is suffering and/or has experiece with Ligyrophobia, fear of loud noises,thunderstorm, loud bangs, fire crackers, and especially of the unpredictable noises.

As noise and sponanous bangs etc can't be really avoided - the fear of getting into these situations is affecting social and work life a lot!

Normally the reaction is panic - which is not easy to handle and beside the personal suffering it is anoying for others around me, as nobody can do anything - and of course, I don't like people to know about it, especially in work situations.

Is anybody here who likes to share ways of curing and/or handling this phobia with me?

Thanks, and I am happy to share more about me and the phobia if there is any interest.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


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