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Your Not Alone
by: Anonymous

I cant stand fireworks, thunder, bombs, guns, IMAX theaters, explosions, cars backfiring, and balloons popping. I have to get my Ipod and listen to music really loud in order to feel safe. The breathing, and talking doesn't help..i wind up going into a fetal position looking around in fear... I've had a lot of therapy doesn't do anything..

I hate it..I feel like a disgrace to my family...although I was adopted.. People do things like pop water bottles and chip bags just to annoy me..

I feel like I cant escape this hell..


Ligyrophobia comment
by: Anonymous

WOW..And I thought I was on the only one. My wife / kids / parents (I am 40yo) just think I was crazy. Over the years I can tolerate professional firework displays, because I can "see them" before they go off (as the other person mentioned). Balloons still drive me nuts. I won't go to a restaurant if they pass them out to the kids. Always hated birthday parties, the circus, parades, etc.

Whats funny I totally know its just in my head. I can even pop balloons myself, since I am in control. I can't even watch a video of someone popping balloons without getting my heart racing.

As funny as it sounds, I have no idea why I searched on the topic today, but I am glad to see that I am not the only one who deals with this :)

Thanks for listening :)

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

Okay so, you can search my story, Astraphobia, Astrapophobia, Brontophobia, Keraunophobia, Lilapsophobia. Thats what its called.

I suffer from all those because I have an intense fear to storms. Read what happens. And I guess I can add Ligyrophobia to my list because I HATE loud thunder!!!!!!

=) Thanks!

I have the same fear
by: Sarah

I have the same exact fear. I used to work at a place that would blow up tons of balloons for kids on 'family night'...I was supposed to be the shift manager for this, and couldn't be in the building while a co-worker blew the balloons up. It was torture for two hours while the event happened, fearing the entire time that some child, or random act of weirdness would pop a balloon...and then, I'd have to leave the building again while a co-worker popped all of them.
My daughter loves balloons, and I can't stand it. I don't like going into restaurants with them even hanging off the booths. I detest the 4th of july because of fireworks and firecrackers...the same goes for new years eve. I get horrible anxiety. I lock myself up in my house all night, never go to a parade, and still have horrible fear of someone setting off a firecracker too close to a window or the front door. The anticipation is particularly unbearable.
There's no way I'd ever survive the military...I hate guns, cannons...even pop guns that kids have send me over the edge.
A car backfired once unexpectedly and I flipped out as a kid. it's gotten progressively worse over the years, but its been a huge issue for as long as I can recall. I've tried putting myself near firecrackers, firing a gun, etc. and have ended up sending myself into a sheer panic attack. I hate that I cant enjoy the holidays with my daughter and family. The anxiety/panic attack feeling is horrific. I get nauseated, tunnel vision, sweaty palms and get really cranky really fast, and have to escape the noisy situation as soon as possible....or even just the POTENTIALLY noisy situation, like walking into a restaurant and seeing balloons blown up that MIGHT pop. It's ridiculous and no one understands why. It used to piss my mom off, especially on the fourth of july, some find it funny, others find it weird, and to my husband, I think to him it is just annoying that I won't spend time with him and my daughter setting off fireworks, etc. I wish I knew of a way to get over it, but I really have no clue! It's not like its something I have to deal with on a daily basis...its just random, frustrating, annoying and horrible as it happens.

You are not alone
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only person on earth that had fear of loud sounds. I cannot stand balloons, firecrackers, fireworks, gunshots and anything that results to a sudden loud sound. I can listen to loud music I have no problem with that. The only way that I have found is to actually face it no matter how hard it is. I get hysterical and I sweat everytime a loud sound occurs. I put my boyfriend popping out balloons while I have my ears shut and I tell him when to do it. The more he did it the more I got used to it even though I can still not listen to it without my ears plucked. I got used to fireworks because I can see them and predict when they will pop. I also wish to get over this, as I would like to have fireworks for my wedding one day and have balloons at my childrens' birthday parties!

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