Ligyrophobia, fear of sudden loud sounds

I have always been afraid of sudden loud sounds, for me the fire alarm has always been a massive trigger, there are others but that one seems to get me every time. When I'm in a new place I'll just stare sleeplessly at the detector or siren all night and not get a moment's rest. The hard part is that the fear is so bad that in the few times that I've actually had an alarm go off, the full-body pain from the sound actually renders me nearly incapable of movement.

Other things that cause challenges are balloons, guns, fire trucks and such, the difference is that you can usually see these things coming and/or avoid them, or shield your ears.

I would suggest the reason for the anxiety centered around fire alarms would be the that hey are readily-available in the environment, nearly unavoidable, and the experienced locus of control is very distant.

Has anybody been successful getting over this?

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